Social Login Social Login

Enable end-users to sign-in using their choice of social identity provider and pre-verified user accounts with an easy, mobile friendly, two-click registration experience.

Social Login authentication provides end-users with a convenient way to register and log into sites and user portals using their existing social network identities from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. This method is popular with users because it doesn’t require them to remember another password. Users simply use their social logins in place of another set of credentials.


How Social Login Authentication Works with RapidIdentity

To define the authentication policy, administrators simply select the desired social network and provide the appropriate ID and secret field values. These field values are obtained through the developer pages of each social network.

Social Login with RapidIdentity allows organizations to provide great usability and convenience. In addition, organizations can combine social login with additional layers of authentication, as needed, for users who require access to more sensitive systems and data.


Social Login Benefits

  • Increases registration rates by minimizing barriers to site entry
  • Provides permission-based access to user data that can be used to better understand your customers
  • Reduces end-user frustration with managing multiple sets of credentials
  • Shifts the complexities of managing the sign-in process to a third-party

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