Complete Identity and Access Management for Today’s Enterprise

In today’s digitally connected enterprise, employees, partners, contractors, and customers all need access to a growing list of applications and systems from a variety of devices and locations. But how do you provide this access and enable your business—without sacrificing security or exposing your organization to needless risk? RapidIdentity offers a complete portfolio of identity and access management (IAM) solutions that help enterprises across all industries embrace security, increase business agility, and lower IAM costs.

Overcome Today's Complex Business Challenges

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Providing Secure Access for All Users

Creating and managing accounts for a growing number of employees, partners, vendors, contractors, and customers is a task that few are prepared to handle without a modern IAM solution. RapidIdentity automates lifecycle management at scale, ensuring both internal and external user accounts are fully managed from cradle to grave.

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Enabling Your Move to the Cloud

Access to the latest cloud services and applications is crucial to enabling productivity and collaboration, but integration can be a painful, slow process without the right technology, resulting in employees adding and using application independent of IT oversight and control. With RapidIdentity, you can quickly adopt new apps and streamline access to them with automated provisioning and secure, single sign-on.

How mature is your Identity and Access Management program?

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Doing More With Less

In a time of small IT teams and shrinking budgets, it’s crucial that your IT staff work smarter, not harder. RapidIdentity automates and streamlines the full lifecycle management for all users, so your limited staff resources can focus on strategic initiatives and not repetitive, manual tasks.

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Maintaining Compliance

Enterprises today face heightened regulatory scrutiny from a growing number of government and industry regulations. If your enterprise isn’t prepared, you run the risk of failing an audit, large fines, or worse yet, a breach. RapidIdentity’s comprehensive compliance controls and automated workflows allow you to easily demonstrate your current identity state and quickly adapt to compliance changes, so your enterprise is always audit-ready.

RapidIdentity for Enterprises

Our powerful RapidIdentity solution offers the most complete portfolio of identity and access management solutions, with the flexibility to adapt and scale to meet the needs of enterprises of all types. With RapidIdentity, your business never has to compromise business agility or security.

RapidIdentity automates the full account lifecycle of ALL users, closing the security gaps in your current user identity and access controls and boosting end-user productivity. And, RapidIdentity supports the broadest selection of authentication methods in the marketplace, adding additional layers of protection, without compromising user experience.


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