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Increasing cyberattacks, stringent compliance regulations, and a growing number of users—there’s more pressure than ever on government agencies to lock down unauthorized access to sensitive systems and data. And, this must be done amid tight budget constraints where more must be accomplished with less.

RapidIdentity is a complete identity and access management (IAM) solution, designed to help government agencies and the contractors that work with them improve security, meet compliance regulations, and manage all user identities—regardless of how they access government systems and data.

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Protecting All User Entry Points

Traditionally, strong authentication solutions have been purpose-built to address a single access entry point. But the reality is, users today access government systems and data from a wide range of physical, remote, and digital entry points, including Windows logon, VPN, external email, and portals. RapidIdentity MFA is a versatile authentication platform that addresses all user entry points into a system with a single solution. So, you can consolidate authentication solutions, while still ensuring all entry points are secure.

Flexible Authentication Options for Legacy Systems

Many government agencies still have mission-critical legacy systems in place. However, these older, legacy systems are not compatible with many of the strong authentication methods that are needed to meet today’s stringent compliance and security requirements. With the broadest range of authentication methods on the market, RapidIdentity MFA delivers the flexibility to meet your organization’s technology requirements. So, you can apply newer, easy-to-use authentication technologies even to legacy infrastructure and systems.

Managing Large User Populations with High-Turnover

Managing Large User Populations with High Turnover

A range of employees, contractors, and citizens need access to government systems and services. With large user populations and high employee turnover rates, ensuring only authorized users have the right access is no small task. RapidIdentity automates the full lifecycle management of all users from cradle to grave at scale. So, government agencies can swiftly onboard and off-board users. Plus, RapidIdentity MFA’s self-service capabilities take the administrative burden out of strong authentication.

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Addressing Compliance Requirements

From the federal down to state and local levels, government agencies must comply with numerous, evolving compliance regulations, such as CJIS, DFARS, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. With capabilities, such as automated lifecycle management, privileged access management workflows, continuous access certification campaigns, comprehensive multifactor authentication, and robust audit and reporting functionality, RapidIdentity helps government agencies address more identity-related compliance components in a single platform.

RapidIdentity for Government & Public Sector

Over 500 federal, state and local government agencies of all sizes across the globe use RapidIdentity to achieve compliance, reduce costs, increase security, and streamline access to critical systems. Additionally, Identity Automation is the market leader for CJIS advanced authentication with 7 out of the 10 largest deployments in the United States. With 12 supported authentication methods, RapidIdentity MFA gives agencies the flexibility to protect all systems and access entry points—with a single solution. RapidIdentity MFA can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as part of our complete RapidIdentity IAM platform to meet all of your identity, governance, and access management needs.

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