QR Code Authentication QR Code Authentication

QR Code Authentication utilizes a QR code on a printed badge that acts as a contactless card. Instead of using a traditional card reader, a computer’s internal camera is utilized to read the QR code badge—no additional hardware required. This form of authentication is ideal for younger users, such as K-5 students who struggle with traditional username/password authentication or for enterprise use cases to streamline authentication and enhance user convenience.


How QR Code Authentication Works With RapidIdentity MFA

With RapidIdentity MFA, QR codes can be used in three modes:

  • Username – Instead of typing a username, the user flashes his or her badge during authentication and is then prompted for a password or other factor.
  • Username and Password – The QR code is used in place of both the username and password. A user, a K-5 student for example, flashes his or her badge to log in.
  • Password – The QR code badge is used in only the verification step, either in addition to a password or as a replacement.

Authenticating with these badges is a simple process that starts with a user clicking a “Scan QR Code” button on the RapidIdentity login page, which then activates the user’s computer camera. The user then holds the badge to the camera to authenticate. QR Codes can be use by themselves or combined with another factor, like a PIN, to provide additional verification. To ensure security, QR codes are encrypted and are invalidated by simply changing a user’s password.

Administrators can delegate the rights to print QR Code badges to business managers or teachers, and badge print sizes can easily be customized to accommodate various card stocks and templates.


QR Code Authentication Benefits

  • Super fast reading capabilities
  • No dedicated third-party hardware needed
  • Simple use makes it ideal for younger users
  • Easily combined with other authentication factors for increased verification.
  • Badge printing can be delegated to business managers or teachers

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