IAM Solutions That Solve
Your Business and Security Needs

Identity and Access Management Solutions to Address Today’s Challenges.

Your IT staff is challenged with securing your digital environment, while simultaneously enabling the transition to a perimeteress, BYOD world where more users, partners, and remote workers need access to your systems and data.

Our powerful and complete identity and access management (IAM) solution, RapidIdentity was purpose-built to help you address the complex business challenges and cybersecurity threats of today—and also tomorrow.

Upgrading Your Identity Solution

Due to a growing number of users, a plethora of cloud-based applications, and a multitude of corporate data—organizations today face a number of challenges that legacy identity management systems simply weren’t designed to manage.

Get the scalability and reliability needed to support your growing digital environment. Designed to deploy quickly, RapidIdentity lowers total cost of ownership of your IAM program, while freeing up time and manpower.

Connecting to All Apps

The ability to quickly adopt applications and integrate them with your existing systems and data is crucial, so your business can grow and succeed. Your users want—and also expect—single sign-on access to the latest apps. So, your IT staff is tasked with making that happen.

Don’t hold your business back with an IAM solution that can’t make this a reality. RapidIdentity provides far quicker, more secure, and more cost-effective ways for you to add virtually any cloud, on-premise, or Windows application to your business environment.

Lifecycle Management for All Users

In today’s digitally connected world, your employees aren’t the only ones that need access to your cloud apps, data, and systems. However, giving both your internal and external users secure access to the right resources, at the right time is crucial, but can be overwhelming, if not impossible, without the right technology.

RapidIdentity automates the full account lifecycle of ALL users, including employees, contractors, and partners, customers, so you can close the security gaps in your current user identity and access controls and boost end-user productivity.

Picking the Right Authentication Methods

Authentication is your organization’s first line of defense against hacks and other cyberattacks. However, a one size fits all approach doesn’t account for your users’ varying roles and also risk levels.

So, choose identity and access management solutions that adapt to your organization’s needs. Because RapidIdentity features adaptive authentication and the broadest range of multi-factor authentication methods available on a single platform, it strikes a balance between security and user experience.

Preventing Your Upcoming Breach

Today’s business environment is perimeterless and digitally-connected, so it’s no longer a matter of if your organization will be breached—but when. Thus, mitigating risk is all about controlling access and limiting the damage an intruder does once inside your network.

RapidIdentity locks down access controls and establishes least-privilege access, while adding additional layers of protection with adaptive authentication. So you can be confident your internal and external users have the right access, at the right time, and only for the necessary duration.

Identity and Access Management Solutions for Any Industry

RapidIdentity offers the most complete and powerful identity and access management portfolio available in the market.

Because our identity and access management solutions were designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, RapidIdentity can meet the needs of your organization, regardless of industry. Learn more about RapidIdentity use cases for your industry.

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