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Make every user a power user.

Our sophisticated RapidIdentity software transforms identity management at every level of your organization — freeing your employees, your managers, your IT department, and your partners and vendors to do what they do best.

It’s intuitive, lightning-fast, easy to install, and even easier to use — for everybody.

Empower Your Employees

Watch your employees’ productivity skyrocket across your entire organization. RapidIdentity enables them to seamlessly and securely access everything they need to do their jobs — all while staying out of their way.

Featuring single sign-on, self-service access requests, secure password resets, mobile access, and an amazingly easy-to-use employee portal, it’s all designed to help your employees thrive.

Empower Your Managers

RapidIdentity allows managers to succeed in leading their teams — without having to pester IT for constant assistance and authorization.

Powerful delegation and fully configurable workflows enable managers to instantly and securely control their direct reports’ access to applications, and provide basic support without relying on IT.

Empower Your Partners

RapidIdentity streamlines identity management for your external users too — the various contractors, vendors, and partners your organization depends on.

Your internal users can securely sponsor outside roles’ access to needed applications for pre-defined periods of time, set by your organization. When the set time runs out, managers can renew their access instantly, all without IT intervention.

Empower Your IT Department

RapidIdentity is designed to be incredibly easy to install, complete with connectors to virtually any application your organization depends on, plus a bundled GUI toolkit your IT department can use to build new connectors without relying on programmers or outside consultants.

By securely automating identity management and empowering employees to seamlessly handle many tasks, our software frees your IT staff to focus on their more important goals and responsibilities, not administrative headaches.

Empower Your Educators

RapidIdentity Education Editions are designed expressly for school administrators. Because educators need streamlined automation too.

Our software is easy to install, easy to learn, and compatible with all applications needed for simple, secure identity management in education settings, including:

  • Individual K-12 School Districts
  • Statewide Departments of Public Instruction
  • Colleges and Universities

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It’s our mission to make businesses more secure and employees as productive as possible. RapidIdentity is affordable, easy to implement and even easier to learn how to use.