Strong Authentication, Tailored to the Way You Work.

63% of all breaches result from weak, default, or stolen passwords, according to Verizon Data Breach research. Thus, even complex passwords aren’t enough to stop today’s sophisticated attackers. Deny password-based breaches with advanced, multifactor authentication (MFA).

RapidIdentity MFA delivers an extra layer of protection all access entry points, including Active Directory, offline desktop, on-premise applications, cloud applications, employee and customer portals, and remote access using VPN and other technologies.



The Broadest Range of Authentication Methods Available

With the acquisition of 2FA, Inc., Identity Automation supports the broadest selection of authentication methods and protocols in the marketplace, so you can balance security, compliance requirements, and user experience.

Supported Authentication Methods

  • Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Federation (SAML, Oauth, OpenID Connect, CAS)
  • RFID Cards
  • Fingerprint Biometrics
  • One-Time Password (hard token, soft token, SMS, email, backup codes)
  • Push Authentication / PingMe
  • Smart Cards (contact / contactless)
  • BlueTooth Proximity
  • Social Login
  • Challenge/Response Questions
  • Risk-Based / Adaptive Authentication


Improve Security Without Impacting User Experience

Strike a balance between usability and protection that drives user adoption with RapidIdentity MFA. Implement context-based policies that govern which multifactor authentication method is actually needed—based on criteria, such as time of day, location, and network device settings. Users can also choose from a variety of authentication methods, like cell phone based soft tokens, one-time passwords, and biometrics, to best fit their situation.


Leverage Existing Security Investments

Take advantage of the investment your organization has already made in physical access by leveraging the same proximity card technology your employees already use to unlock and open doors to also open Windows™. Additionally, with such deployments, RapidIdentity MFA can be up-and-running in just hours with minimal end-user impact or training.


Comply With Regulations That Require Strong Authentication

Deploy authentication technology that helps your organization satisfy regulations that require or strongly recommend strong authentication, such as SOX, CJIS, DFARS, HIPAA, HITECH, EPCS, Positive ID, and PCI-DSS. With RapidIdentity MFA, your organization can achieve compliance, while at the same time, improve the experience of end-users by streamlining authentication processes and reducing the amount of passwords that must managed.


Multifactor Authentication Features That Enhance Security And Streamline User Experience:

Secure Remote Access & VPN Logins

Safeguard company data and systems being accessed via remote access solutions and also verify the identities of all remote users.


Adaptive Multifactor Authentication

Approve or deny access rights, while tailoring authentication methods based on risk level.


Instantly Connect to Virtual Environments

Seamlessly perform secure, fast user-switching and direct authentication to Microsoft, RDS, Citrix® XenApp and XenDesktop, as well as to VMware® Horizon View.


Strong Authentication for Shared Workstations

Authenticate employees to Windows(R), thin-clients, zero-footprint clients, local and remote applications, and Citrix, and also perform transaction-based authentication.


Multifactor Authentication for Windows Login

Deploy the right mix of authentication factors, while providing your users with fast and secure Windows logon.