Secure Single Sign-On

Provide hassle-free and secure access to your network, systems, and all applications.

Today’s workers access an ever-growing number of corporate, departmental, and cloud-based applications from a variety of devices, meaning they have to juggle far too many unique usernames and passwords.

RapidIdentity’s unified identity and access management platform delivers streamlined single sign-on to all enterprise applications deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Give your employees, partners, vendors, and customers secure, one-click access to all approved applications.

Dispelling the Myths of SSO Portals vs. Full-Featured IAM Systems

Is a Single Sign-On Portal alone enough for your organization?

Download our ebook, “Dispelling the Myths of Single Sign-On Portals Vs. Full-Featured IAM Systems” to find out which is a better fit for your organization’s needs.


Boost Productivity

For companies with strict password policies and frequent, mandatory password changes, even simple login processes can take too long. RapidIdentity streamlines and automates password management, so employees can focus on your business’s core needs. Users only have to remember a single set of credentials or can bypass passwords entirely with an alternative authentication method—saving time and money, while significantly reducing the risk of breach.

Put an End to Password-Related Support Calls

Nearly 50% of all help desk calls are related to password and login issues, according to Gartner. RapidIdentity puts user-friendly, self-service, and delegated password reset tools that all-but-eliminate these types of calls in the hands of users and managers, freeing up your help desk team to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Accelerate User Adoption of Company-Promoted Apps

Getting your internal and external users to use and promote company-sanctioned applications and services starts with a great experience at the account login step. Drive greater adoption of corporate-approved systems and minimize shadow IT and the security risk of unsanctioned applications with the RapidIdentity Portal. Plus, when you buy RapidIdentity SSO, you get unlimited SSO integrations.

Powerful Single Sign-On Features that Improve Productivity and Security

Customizable Application Portal

Provide your users with a company-branded, personalized homepage that delivers one-click access to authorized web applications. Administrators can hide, remove, and organize applications with the application portal’s dynamic interface.

Self-Service Profile & Password Administration

Dramatically reduce help desk costs by empowering users to reset and synchronize passwords across all directories and connected systems. Plus, configurable workflows give users the ability to manage their profiles and accounts, as well as request access to applications.

Secure Desktop Single Sign-On

Free up your employees’ time and strengthen endpoint security with true enterprise single sign-on. With RapidIdentity eSSO, users don’t need to login again to access locally installed, virtual, or web applications once they have logged into their Windows desktop.

Multi-Factor Authentication That Enforces Strong Passwords

Mandate secure authentication, such as defining password strength requirements, challenge questions, and multi-factor authentication for desktop and web login, by enabling centralized control of all login and account information.

Mobile Support

Keep your users productive on the go with easy SSO access to cloud-based applications from iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. Plus, with SAML-enabled mobile applications, like Google Apps and Microsoft O365, RapidIdentity supports SSO at the mobile application level.

Quickly Configure Connections to Any Application

Integrate with thousands of cloud-based and also on-premises applications and services—whether standards – compliant or not. RapidIdentity supports the broadest and deepest set of integration options to enable single sign-on, including SAML 2.0, OAuth, OpenID Connect, and Form Fill browser plug-in.

Chromebook SSO Integration

Enable simple and seamless deployment of single sign-on to managed Chromebooks. Use any RapidIdentity authentication method to not only authenticate users to their devices, but also give SSO access to all integrated cloud applications in RapidIdentity and Google Apps.

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